Brothers Helping Brothers was created in 2000 as an organization not only concerned with the upcoming generations of individuals from the ages of 18 to 55, but we are an organization concerned with assisting all brothers and sisters of all nationalities and races.

Brothers Helping Brothers is a system that encompasses relationships that adhere toward one another and are then put back into society with thought of re-birth.  This brings together a strong bond, regardless of race or, nationality and a fellowship constructed upon faith.

Hence, in projecting our study and organization of Brothers Helping Brothers, we are working to achieve a very meaningful understanding of the importance of giving back to society with the utmost consideration for it's institutional and cultural biases.

Our staff is inclined to view the community in a more evident and favorable light to demolish the break down of communication and to draw the people of our community  back into the world with closer contacts.  The  community’s curiosity arouses interest and interest leads to inquiry.

Brothers Helping Brothers is structured to examine more closely society's historical and  environmental contexts while maintaining the insurance of no false doctrines within our organizations...

We are paving the way systematically, as our attempts are aimed at casting light upon the inspirational aspects of the world.  Through fund raising events, surveys, talent shows, big brother models, support groups, and community activities.  As a result, a new western freedom will develop a better lifestyle for our upcoming generation.

With the donations of books that Brothers Helping Brothers plans to receive from agencies, combined with the books written by two of our staff members, our children and adults will be involved in future activities, as well as events, and most importantly, surveys to improve family connections.

 We are pleased to collaborate with  top agencies, we strive to become a potential of growth in a troublesome world.  Also, with your continued support, we provide prisoners with donations of books. In the future, we are structuring efforts to have prisoners' family members purchase United States savings bonds for their incarcerated family members who are currently doing a substantial amount of time, so that in this way, when they are released from prison, they will not deviate back into wrongful society, but will have enough money from the savings bonds to be productive and support themselves in society.

With your continued support, brothers Helping Brothers will represent a firmer direction in a newer reality worth heeding through leadership, support and inspiration.